As part of our mission to develop a competent and trained community of care givers for the country, Eden-On-The-Park has set up an academy to train Malaysians to take up the profession.

We provide the following training programs:

Elderly Care Centre Operation Training Certificate Suitable for graduate nurses, trained nurses, caregivers, domestic maid, and any students or general public looking for knowledge in aged care operations. Our trainees will be awarded with Malaysia Skills Certificate (SKM) for level 3 upon passing the exam.


For more information about our Training Program, please contact Optimum-Eden Health Care Sdn Bhd at

Elderly Care Center Operation Program

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Course Description

This intensive program emphasizes on the basic aged care theory and practical aspects of the specific area of aged care operations with special attention to knowledge, skills acquisition and development of the correct attitude.

Course Objectives

This intensive course is aimed at producing knowledgeable and skillful workforce with the right attitude who will acquire the necessary competency standards to enter the job market specifically in the aged care industries.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees who satisfactorily completed this program should be able to:
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and equip with skills in the specific area of study.
  • Obtain the suitable skills to enable him to perform effectively the duties and tasks required in his area of work.
  • Possess the right attitude to enable him to perform his duties efficiently.


  1. Residents Receiving & Returning
  2. Independent Residents Care Handling
  3. Dependent Residents Care Handling
  4. Residents Activities Handling
  5. Residents Area Housekeeping
  6. Premise Hygiene, Safety & Security Handling
  7. Emergency Response Handling
  8. Residents End Of Life Handling

Employment Prospects

As the ageing phenomenon becomes more prevalent in Malaysia, the provision of old folks homes or nursing homes of long-term care will soon become a necessity. The decline in family members as the primary caregiver for those who need care has created an increasing demand for residential care. The decline in family members as the primary caregiver for those who need care has created an increasing demand for institutional care.

Care centers are in dire need of care givers and the management of these centers must also be skilled and competent to cater to the needs of their residents and increasingly discerning family members. For school leavers, being trained and armed with a recognized certificate provides opportunity for an increasingly well sough after employment.