Senior Day Care

_VIN4616 Our Senior Day Club designed for older adults who can no longer manage independently, or who are isolated and lonely.

Reasons to consider Senior Day Care:

  1. If the person’s care giver are busy professionals and are unable to tend to elder parents with special needs
  2. The elder parent is unable to organize or manage daily living activities
  3. Elder parent would benefit from Day Care companionship, physiotherapy, exercise or group activity
  4. Unsafe to leave elder parent at home alone

Our Day Care Services Include:

  1. Deluxe Room
  2. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Refreshments
  3. Daily Social Activities
  4. Medication supervision
  5. Nursing Care

Our Day Care services operate during daytime hours (7am-7pm), Monday through Sunday, in a safe, supportive, and cheerful environment.